About Ecoglaze

Ecoglaze Consultants Pvt Ltd., led and founded by a group of experienced and well qualified professionals from R&D and Industry and Academic,. The company has grown over time and pushed its frontiers to embrace new ventures in other areas such as Training and Academic Management solutions, e- learning, e-commerce, e-governance, Power: Renewable Energy, Lighting and Import and Exports,. Ecoglaze Consultants Pvt Ltd., has the unique distinction of bringing in for the first time ever the Industries, Academic, Training and Job seekers under one banner for a noble cause to provide an effective and mutually benefiting multiple solution system.

Our Values and vision

We are with the values of responsible of all we do, and our values of responsibility, admiration and honesty are central to who we are as a company. They are the standards to which we hold ourselves and they guide our words and actions every day.

Our people

Raj Kumar Jadav has 35 years of rich and varied experience in Business Development and Project Management. Currently he leads the effort of the company to strengthen public sector, government relations, government projects and management.


Solar Power Plants which would provide a good exposure of various components of an operational Solar PV Systems.